Past Events Highlights


                 Celebrates Merdeka 2000  
                  Prime Minister's arrival  

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                MCC's President and the Prime Minister
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                Moon Festival

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                MCC's kompang and lion dance group


                Lee Foo Sang Farewell Dinner  

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                2001 Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Chinese New Year

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               2001 Spring Gathering- Photos

              2001 Kompang performance during Asian American Heritage month

              2001 Merdeka Celebration at Sakuma Restaurant (August 25th)

              2001 Asian American Heritage month 2002 MCC participated in Parade

              2002 New Year Celebration, Jockey Restaurant

              2002 Cruise & Fireworks

               2002 Merdeka Celebration (and new committee election), Jockey Restaurant

              2003 New Year Celebration, Sabri Nihari restaurant, Lombard              

              2003 Cruise & Fireworks

              2003 Merdeka Celebration, Lord's Park, Elgin

              2004 New Year Celebration, Furama Restaurant (January 10th)

              2004 Cruise & Fireworks, Chicago First Lady (July 4th)

              2004 Merdeka Celebration, Camera Park (election) (September 5th)

               2005 Tsunami Fund Raising for Red Cross (January)

               2005 New Year Celebration,  joint event with SCC, Furama Restaurant (January 22nd)

               2005 Merdeka Celebration, Blackberry Farm's Pioneer Village (August 27th)

               2006 Malaysian Night, Mandarin Restaurant, Lisle (March 4th)

              2006 Merdeka Picnic, Busse Wood Park, Schaumburg (August 27)

               2007 Annual Dinner, Furama Restaurant (March 10th)

               2007 Merdeka Celebration, Busse Wood Park, Schaumburg (August 26th)

               2007 Flag Raising, Richard M. Daley Plaza, Chicago (September 12th)

              2008 Annual Dinner, Furama Restaurant (April 12th)

               2009 Merdeka Picnic, Volkening Lake, Schaumburg (August 13th)

               2010 Makan Ria, Shahi Nihari, Lombard (June 6th)